We had a small Christmas Eve gathering at our house again this year. Grandma Mary, Grandpa Jer, and Jim joined us for dinner and fun.

The boys spent the morning at Grandma’s so that we could cook/clean/prepare for the evening. Ryan really got into the preparations in the afternoon, carrying up some extra chairs and setting the table (almost) all by himself. He’s also really keen on dictating where everyone sits, so that was his job.

Trying to get a cute picture of my Christmas boys…


Brothers, of the younger variety.



Uncle Jim asked Ryan to bring him a cookie. Here Ry is, hovering on the threshold of the living room, unsure of whether or not to proceed. (We’ve been very strict about no food/drink in living room since getting our new decor, so to Ry this was CRAZINESS that people were EATING in our living room.)


With the cookie successfully delivered, two boys are now salivating over Uncle Jim’s cookie and his ability to eat it in the living room.


Brothers, of the older variety.


Apparently a fake cheesy photo grin is a genetic trait.


that’s slightly better


(Sam was in the middle of a really snotty cold and ear infection, so he was looking great with a chapped face smeared with aquaphor.)


Ry took these next two:

IMG_0054 IMG_0056

IMG_0050 IMG_0044 IMG_1162

Dinner was standing rib roast, popovers, brussels sprouts, and sweet potato bake. It was delicious and awesome- and ALL made by Pat.



The boys exchanged gifts with each other (Ryan gave Sam a colored peg thing, Sam gave Ry a huge pack of gel pens), and they also opened a gift from the grandparents and one from mommy and daddy (“it’s CLOTHES”=Ryan; “speed pants!!!”=Sam).
Right before bed they checked on Santa’s status on the Santa tracker.


And Ryan took charge of leaving out the cookies and milk. He selected this chair and set it right by the fireplace. He was initially going to just put out two cookies, as he was experiencing a little anxiety that Santa would eat too much and get stuck in the chimney. But he ended up going with three.


Bedtime was calm and peaceful around 8:00pm, and the adults enjoyed a few more glasses of wine before the evening was over.