I’ve been noticing the past few days that folks on Pinterest have been pinning Valentine’s crafts, so I felt it necessary to direct everyone’s attention BACK to the post I wrote last year in which I detailed the failure of a certain crayon melting Valentine heart project that I found on Pinterest.

Behold: Post about melted crayon v-day hearts.


Coincidentally, just this afternoon Ryan (the kid who forgets NOTHING) asked me if we could do that project again. And I gently reminded him of how frustrated that project made mommy, how it took us two DAYS to finish, how I ruined a cutting board chopping crayons and ruined an iron ironing crayons and ruined an ironing board the same way, and so i suggested maybe we choose a different Valentine craft this year. And Ryan (the kid who gives in to NOTHING), said okay, let’s try a different craft this Valentine’s. (!!!)

And- probably you’ve already seen this blog, but I had a few good laughs perusing Pinterest Fail today.