Valentine’s Day 2013 was another one for the record books! (Here’s what I wrote about last year for v-day 2012.)

Sam and I had nothing planned for the day, so we decided to join Pat at work for lunch. Sam enjoyed his burger and fries in the corporate cafeteria, not to mention the elevator ride and the M&M dispenser.

Ryan got home from school thrilled to show off all of his Valentine loot from his party. His teacher sent each kid home with a heart balloon- he was so proud of how he managed to carry it all the way home on the bus. He got a load of candy of course, and read through each and every valentine, noting precisely who gave him each one. Probably the most exciting valentine treat for him was the “you’re so KOOL” packet of kool-aid and twisty straw. We had to whip up that pitcher of grape kool-aid immediately.



post-nap bed head. Love it!

bed head



they were trying to figure out one of those fortune teller things


this is the precursor face to the whining that’s about to happen when I tell him no to more candy

Sampout   valentines

When Sam got up from his nap Ry let him choose a candy from his stash and then they both looked through all the valentines again. Sam is a sugar FIEND, getting really angry and ornery if you ever tell him no to his constant asking for candy. He was not pleased that I told him he couldn’t have any more candy after he chomped down his sucker.

We went sledding after that, which ended in Ryan screaming at the bottom of the hill refusing to walk home, and Sam unable to take more than three steps without his boots falling off. Lucky for us, Grandma showed up at the top of the hill just in time to collect all of us plus our sleds into her backseat and drive us home.

We had a romantic family dinner (complete with red placemats and a candle!) of brats and chips, and strawberries and whipped cream (with sprinkles!) for dessert.

There we have it- v-day 2013- for the record book.