Took a picture today of (what I hope to be) Sam’s last sleepy time in his crib.


We’ve been talking about his BBB for a long time, and after patiently waiting for deliveries and set-up snafus, we now finally have a BED.IMG_1890

We put up a rail at bedtime, but he was very concerned about falling out of the top of the bed. The crib** is still in there, and he wanted that thing gone. “just put it in the living room, mommy.” Also: “if I fall outta bed, I just get back in.”

Ryan proclaimed Sam’s bed to be BEAUTIFUL, and wanted to hang out in there to play.

Here’s hoping for a quiet night with lots of sleep!

**We have a drop-side crib. Which are now apparently illegal to manufacture, sell, re-sell, or donate. Anyone know what we’re supposed to DO with it? Throwing it away seems such a waste, as it’s a perfectly good crib. We never even used the drop-side, just bought the crib because we liked how it looked.