Our vacationing this winter was so noteworthy, I almost forgot to blog about it!


This was a very spontaneously planned trip, with many thanks going to Pat’s parents for watching our kids. This was our first ever staycation in Minneapolis, and we really made the most our one night! On our way out of town (hehe, out of south Mpls) we stopped at Pizzeria Lola for lunch. Then we did some shopping downtown, checked into our hotel, and did a bit more shopping before heading to an awesome dinner at Saffron. We had a cocktail at Prohibition at the top of the Foshay, and then in the morning as a last hurrah had a tasty brunch at Wiseacre. I would definitely do a staycation again!




Lucky for us, our small nephew/cousin Max had a baptism over President’s Day weekend. We decided to mark the occasion by traveling south for our first ever family-of-four-staying-in-one-hotel-room trip.

(scenery on drive down)

We checked into the Americinn St. Peter promptly at 2:02pm, and after finding our room to be ‘cool’, the boys wasted no time in getting on their suits for an afternoon of swimming. The pool (complete with basketball hoop) and hot tub provided hours of enjoyment. Sam proved absolutely fearless when it comes to water, flinging himself into the pool with nary a care about whether or not someone was nearby to catch him, or how deep the water was where he was jumping. Ryan will never forget how he “drowned” after his flotation device flew off one time when he jumped in. Katie, Troy, Brady and Brynn joined us for swimming and Godfather’s Pizza dinner, and alas, after all the fun that the swimming provided, I didn’t take one picture.

Ryan and Sam were SO EXCITED to sleep together in the same bed. Sam was out like a light after about 5 mins, but Ry took awhile longer as he was annoyed by Sam’s deep breathing and itchy chlorine skin. Pat was asleep by 7:45 as well.


We all slept in the next morning until 5:30am. Cartoons were on at 6:00am.


And we were hitting up the continental breakfast by 7:00am. Leaving us with plenty of time for one last swim before getting ready for the baptism ceremony.


I want to remember this about the baptism… the children were invited to the front of the church for a special kids’ sermon, followed by an offering of jelly beans to all the children. Ryan came back to his seat with an entire FIST full of jelly beans.) After church we went to lunch at Baby Max’s house. We had a really fun time, and this itty bitty baby step into the world of family vacations was a definite success! (Maybe next time we’ll go as far as Mankato.)

Here’s what the ride home looked like.


(We paid for the peaceful car ride with an epic 45 minute meltdown by both children upon arriving home.)


In Hoigaards



school fundraiser night at Wendy’s



(closest I’ll get to sun/heat/palms this winter)

IMG_1876 IMG_1869 IMG_1867

We’re already bracing ourselves for our spring break trip to Duluth!