Don’t let these images fool you. Inside this adorable, sweet-faced boy is an inner three year old just waiting to emerge:) I’ve already started seeing the signs. The past few days have been… challenging. (These yoga pics were from back in February, on a very charming day.)


So, an update on this almost 3 year old…


-he’s cute

-he likes to pretend to do yoga. And loves to do somersaults. And dance. And play ball catch and batting in the basement. And wrestling basketball with daddy and Ryan.

-still loves going to music class and playing music and ‘music class’ at home. Loves his guitar and pitch pipe, and drums.

-has an epic sweet tooth. Epic. Wants candy any time of the day, and will flop into this belligerent whiny fit if you say no. Starts asking for snack at 8am some days. Will get a treat at the coffee shop and then 15 minutes later when getting in the car says “I need a SNACK!”


He’s doing great in the big bed. Won’t get out of it unless one of us comes for him (please continue, please). He’s our high maintenance bedtime child. First he listens to stories in Ryan’s bed. Then he chooses a few stories to read in his bed. Then he needs to go pee and have a drink. Then he needs his nose blown. Then the pillows situated, the blankets just so, the kisses, the hall light on, the blown kisses. Then the various calls for mommy for further drinks, nose wipes, carrot requests, etc.

-still naps for the most part, about a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon.

-has had a ton of colds this winter, and every cold he gets results in typically a couple days of low fever, and then the worst, snottiest, drippiest nose ever.

-refuses to wear anything on his lower half except speed pants (silky sport pants). Likes to ‘go runnin’ and show off how fast he is in his pants or new tennis shoes. Gets angry if certain items of clothing are not available and in the laundry. Current favorites are the speed pants, bike shirt…and well, that’s about it. Favorite socks are always the ones that match nothing- the bright orange or bright red numbers that came from who knows where.


-Is 50% completely potty trained. WILL NOT sit on the toilet to attempt a poop. WILL NOT. He had been in the habit of asking for a pull-up for #2 and then going behind the bathroom door, but now he tells me nothing and just goes. In his pants. WHEREVER. I am so over this. He tells me “on my birfday, I poop in the potty.”

-Still uses the word ‘actually’ a lot when talking, and has begun using this adorable hand gesture that’s very adult like where he shrugs his shoulders, crinkles up his face, and hold his arms/hands out in front of him like wha WHA is going on here. It’s very adorable, unfortunately I have no picture of it.

[lovely unfocused self timer shot!]

-loves playing with Ryan, but likes to put the smack down on big brother out of the blue for no reason. Well, there’s often a reason. Either that, or the reasons have built up over three years’ time of having gotten the smack down FROM big brother. Sam will hold his own in no time.

-seems very attached to mommy lately. Daddy can have no part of bedtime. (unless daddy’s watching sports then Sam is on him like glue avoiding bed.)

-as far as playing, is currently enjoying playing with his fake food/toy kitchen setting up imaginary foods and scenarios for serving them and feeding people. Likes pretending he’s pounding/building. Sets up his band or music class in the living room. Is getting into more imaginative play.

-Oh yeah, is also curious about babies and will walk around with a stuffed animal in his shirt saying a baby’s in his belly.


Sam’s a spunky, sweet little guy. He’s in that fun phase where (most) everything is exciting and fun and special. (I know there’s more to add…I’ll have to come back and edit when I remember.)