Sam’s birthday fell on a Saturday this year so we were able to do all his celebrating in one day. I hung some balloons in his room during the night, and then for breakfast we had pancakes, complete with happy birthday singing and a candle. He was so excited!


I had every intention of baking Sam’s cake that morning (with green frosting and sprinkles per his request), but at the last minute I decided I didn’t feel much like baking so Sam and Pat had a little morning outing to pick out a cake at the grocery store. He chose this one, “because it has green.” I added the cars. He had chosen Hot Wheels plates at the party store, so I thought a little cake topper was appropriate.

Sams 3rd cake

We were happy to have Gma Karen and Gpa Bob staying with us for the weekend. In addition, the other guests included Gma Mary, Gpa Jer, the cousins Max, Brady, and Brynn (and accompanying aunties/uncles), and Sam’s neighbor friend Adelaide.

Both of my boys are simply enamored with their cousin Baby Max.



Sam enjoyed opening his gifts, but seemed to have the most fun ripping everything open and then not paying much attention to what was inside. Big brother Ryan directed the present opening and offered his help for each and every gift.

gifts3rd gifts RySam

Sam got some fun stuff. We went low-key with presents this year and got him a starry night pillow pet and spiderman sunglasses. He also got some take-apart vehicles with power screwdrivers, swim trunks, Twister, books, and a monster truck track thing. (And a generous playhouse from Pat’s uncle; playhouse remains in box in garage awaiting normal spring weather so it can be assembled).

Aunt Annie was very skeptical about my idea to get Sam tennis balls. But as you can see…

Sam tennis balls

he loved them.

tennis balls

We ordered pizza for dinner, and the kids crammed into the kitchen for a fine dining experience.

dining kids

They all had a ton of fun playing together. And then it was the moment we’d all been waiting for…CAKE.

1. Cheesy pose to appease mom before lights are dimmed.


2. Ooooooh, this is so cool and fun! Everyone’s watching me!


3. Getting ready to blow.


4. In action- 2 outta 3.


Have you noticed that kids get super fired up about cake, but then they never finish it?? [I had a proud moment later that day when Ryan told me that cakes we make at home are much yummier than cakes from the store, because the “frosting is just too sugary and fakey” on the store cakes.][Sorry Ry, you’re getting a cake from Target.]

That’s about all I have for photos from Sam’s Big 3 Birthday. The combo of the late afternoon, a dreary dark day, poor lighting, and a camera with a max ISO of 1600 created these unimpressive images. If this winter EVER ENDS and the sun EVER SHINES again, I will have to get some 3yo pictures of Sam.

Can hardly even believe my youngest is a three year old! He’s the exact age now that Ryan was when he was born…crazy!