I owe this blog a number of posts: a Sam at age 3 post, a Ryan at age SIX post, a Ryan fire station birthday party post, a Ryan volcano cake post… For now though, all it’s getting is this: a random familial update for what will forever be remembered as the Interminable Winter of 2013.

-So, it was summer here over the weekend. I raked some crusty leaves. Kids rode bikes and played outside a ton. We filled the sandbox with sand. Sam got a SUNBURN. Summer lasted three days and now we are back to 40s and snowflakes in the air. I’ve put away and taken back out again our winter stuff about five different times. This is it though- I refuse to don winter coats ever again until next November.

-Ryan and Sam are doing a tball class this “spring”. It’s a 3-5 year old class, and I was able to squeeze Ryan in since it started the week before he turned six. He never wants to join anything, so having Sam there with him is a real self-confidence booster for Ry. The first class was cancelled due to a blizzard, last week’s was the first, and tonight’s class we just about froze our limbs off. Oh yeah, did I mention this is a parent participation class? And tonight I was there alone with both kids? Not sure if anyone knows this equation, but Anne + Athletics= HAHAHAHAHA. Sam spent most of his time throwing his glove in the air and running to the wrong base and trying to field the ball when he was on first. Ryan is a decent thrower/catcher, but spent a lot of his time whining about how cold it was. During the long walk across the field Sam flung himself upon the dirt refusing to move, at which time I had no choice but to bribe him with the stale half piece of gum I found in my pocket.

-One year ago at this precise moment I was vacationing in Spain with Jen. I’m the nostalgic live-in-the-past type, so I’ve been mooning over photos from our trip and texting daily year-ago trip updates to Jen.anne acueducto

-Thankfully I have not one but two upcoming trips to California to look forward to. My friend Jen (this is a different BFF Jen- not the Spain one) and I are going to San Diego over Memorial Day weekend. We don’t meet up nearly as often as I would like, so having an entire long weekend together is going to be awesome! Then in July Pat and I and his siblings and parents are traveling to Santa Barbara wine country for his cousin’s wedding. Ah sun. Ah wine. Ah a few days to breathe and relax. Aaaaah.

-Pat started a new job this week! I encouraged him to take a job as a tour guide with Nice Ride, but alas, he remains in the world of IT.

-My sweet little Ryan. On Tuesday he brought home a “surprise” from school that I was not supposed to see. I was NOT to go anywhere near his backpack. He and Sam sneaked the mystery item into his room to safely store it in the bottom drawer of his dresser, and I was NOT to look in the bottom drawer of the dresser. Yesterday afternoon as I was folding laundry Ryan told me he was going to do something with the surprise now, so of he went with Sam, and then the doorbell rang! I went to answer it and there on the handle was an adorable kindergartener-made May Day basket with a colorful tissue paper flower inside. The May Day delivery boys were hiding halfway around the house, and after a long wait finally jumped out and said happy May Day! It was so cute and sweet. And was re-enacted again when Pat got home. I was touched that Ryan’s teacher would have them do this and then tell them how to create the surprise at home for family.

-Oh and really quick, reading. (One year ago tomorrow I was on a flight from mainland Spain to the island of Mallorca and did not even know that our flight landed because I was immersed in Fifty Shades of You Know What.) Tonight I am finishing up ‘Run’ by Ann Patchett. I was meant to host April’s book club, but our meeting was cancelled due to- you guessed it- a blizzard. So now I’m hosting May’s book club, and I decided to do a little author study and combine the two months with books by the same author. So, for April we read ‘State of Wonder’ by Ann Patchett, and now ‘Run.’ I loved LOVED loved State of Wonder, am withholding a review of Run until I’ve finished it, and HATED ‘Bel Canto’ by the same author (which I read many years ago, also for book club).

Time for bed now. Here’s another picture of Spain.

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