Ryan had his 6th birthday party at the Hopkins Fire Department, thanks to the generosity of a friend who agreed to come in on his day off to host the party for us. Ryan chose three friends from his class to invite, along with the grandparents, cousins, and a few other good pals (Luke & Jack, Sophia & Emily) and our neighbor friend Owen.

The fire station was an awesome place to have a party. We set up in the large kitchen/dining/living room area, and after everyone arrived the whole crowd enjoyed a tour of the station. The birthday boy (and his daddy!) got to try on the fire fighting garb, and then everyone got rides in two different fire trucks, which was by far the highlight of the party. We had pizza delivered and noshed on a fire station themed cake. The kiddos had fun being goofy, playing with the fire station toys and air hockey table, and sorting through their goodie bags.

Ryan had a great time celebrating with all the important people in his life. It was a really fun party– lots of wonderful memories to take away from this day.

birthday boy

The adorableness… this is Ry’s friend who says she’s going to marry him.


Cousin Brady, who I was lucky enough to sit next to on a firetruck ride. His excitement was infectious.

Brady fire station fun fireattire

“that was so heavy I almost fell over!”

fireguyRy firemanPat

Grandma Karen and Max, getting ready for their ride.

GmaK&Max IMG_0070-001

Sam and Pat were lucky enough to sit up front for a ride.


And then Sam immediately hopped back in for a ride with Grandpa Bob.


That’s Grandma Mary.

Mar firetruck Pat PSfiretruck R&M RM  Rywheel

listening to fire safety




These here were kids doing math problems while eating pizza. Many of us were incredulous.

IMG_0090-001 IMG_0091-001

airhockey candles

this was a near-meltdown when he learned we’d be opening the presents at home and not at the party

hug(meltdown) MaryRyan

Ry’s ladies really represented at this birthday:)


the meltdown was unwarranted, as Ry and Max had a ton of fun going through all the presents alone back at home.