Tuesday night Pat realized he had tickets for Wednesday’s Twins game against the White Sox. He couldn’t go in the middle of the day, so I decided to ponder taking Sam myself. I mean, the day was going to be sunny and 80 and the game was at noon, and Sam and I had no plans, so…why not? Well, #1 Sam is three. That speaks for itself. #2 Pat admitted his jealousy of not being able to take his son to his first Twins game. #3 I am not historically much of a sport fanatic, so for ME to take a kid to his first Twins game could be considered slightly laughable:)

But we went anyway!!! When I told him we were going he said “are we gonna play??”


He refused to wear a Twins shirt, but I couldn’t complain because he had instead chosen a shirt with a COLLAR how fancy and did agree to the Twins cap. Sam enjoyed the tall buildings of downtown, wondered why we were NOT MOVING during the traffic jam, and then was in love with the parking ramp’s elevator. We had some traffic issues downtown so we got to our seats sometime during the first inning. He was a bit overwhelmed with the colorfulness of the environs surrounding Target field, and then was SO impressed by the green handled toilet flushers in the bathrooms (our first stop upon entering the stadium.)


Once in our seats he was immediately hungry. I had actually packed him some food because I did not want to deal with his messy self eating a hotdog. He munched on his cheese stick and veggies, and kept wanting to get in and out of his seat to retrieve his water bottle from the cup holder. Watching the seat bottom boing back up into place was fun in itself. He was amazed by the loud music, and said “I hear a piano!” and did a lot of “what’s that? what’s that?” when the announcer shouted something or they did ‘charge!’ We got to see one Twins home run and one hit by Joe Mauer. Then TC Bear was on the field shooting off t-shirts and whoa boy, that was exciting. After that Sam wouldn’t stop asking where TC Bear went, what he was doing, why he wasn’t out on the field, etc.

Oh and also, starting approximately five minutes after we got there, Sam repeatedly asked “are they done playing yet?”


Sam was sitting next to two ladies who he kept charming the socks off. He was initiating conversations with them and doing goofy things- they found him adorable. Somewhere in the third inning I decided it was probably time for helmet sundaes.


Which were a huge mess but obvs a necessity for your first game. The day didn’t end up quite as warm as predicted and we were in the shade, so by the time Sam was nearly done with his sundae he was shivering and his lips were purple! (One of the kind ladies offered him her sweater:)


By mid 4th inning he was ready to go so we headed out. Took the handicap accessible ramp all the way down to the ground floor, which Sam loved and raced me down every level. It was a fun time- I was honored to take my little beeper to his first game! What a great memory to have of you Sammy boy!