On Mother’s Day this year, I received two of the most thoughtful gifts ever. Ryan woke me at 7:00 to say that he had a surprise for me for Mother’s Day. He took me to his room and said “I cleaned my room!” Hurrah!


Sam’s gift to me was that he agreed (grudgingly) to wear jeans over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for dinner! That dude hates jeans, but all it took was for mommy to bring out the pouty lip and say “but Sammy it’s Mother’s Day!” to get him to oblige. Then he said “and with it I wear mommy’s tiger shirt!”

sam jeans

Back to the morning…everyone got up and made me a pancake breakfast while I read in bed. We hung out, and later I spent some time shopping/erranding (alone:) The boys brought back a late lunch from World Street Kitchen, and since Ryan refused to like anything on the menu there, the boys had McD’s. I was also gifted a new grill pan from Pat:) Oh and lest I forget, on the Friday before mom’s day Ryan came home with a decorated paper cup filled with dirt and a very wilty marigold sprout, AND a compilation of recipes written by everyone in his class. Super adorable mom’s day gift idea, and the recipes are hilarious. Ryan wrote his about mac ‘n cheese.

In the late afternoon of Mother’s Day we went over to my in-laws’ house for dinner. Ryan also dressed up for the occasion in jeans and a button down fancy shirt.


He wanted to use my camera before I did…


…then I got a couple with my boys.

samannery SAR

Such sweetnesses, those two. The boys that call me mom. {Incessantly.}

IMG_0191 IMG_0194