Here we are almost at the end of Kindergarten already, and Ry turned six a month back, and wow, time sure does fly! I don’t know when I last did an update on him- I feel like I recently did one but it probably wasn’t since age five. So here are some updates on the life and times of Ry Guy.

Ryan likes kindergarten, likes his teacher, likes (most of) his classmates. School is still very anxiety-producing for him at times, but I know he likes it and feels proud to be a member of his class. He has saved every single piece of work, homework, art, projects that have come home this year. (I’ve thrown away some stuff here and there, but not much.) Every now and then I’ll ask if I can recycle some crumpled up unidentifiable piece of construction paper creation, and he will adamantly answer with a big NO! Valentines? Still has them all. Coloring sheet from the first day of school? Still has it. He’s gotten to be quite the reader but has no interest in reading out loud to me. Reads signage when we’re driving around and the weather report in the newspaper:) [eta: every now and then he’ll surprise me with an offer to read me a story. Tonight it was a Curious George one about lost puppies!]


He’s still really into Lightening McQueen and Cars stuff. Will set up races and scenarios with his Cars characters a lot. (And always wants to watch the movies.) Has gotten into super heroes somewhat, and Star Wars a bit too. The light saber he got for his birthday was a HUGE hit. (Literally:) When they’re both in good moods Ry and Sam play great together, inventing scenarios and imaginary scenes about races and worker guys and job sites and trains. Ryan is definitely the ring leader, deciding what they should play and how the playing should proceed.


He’s a sensitive soul, that Ryan. He loves babies and toddlers and littler kids. He loves to play with little ones, and if he spots a baby from afar he’ll point it out to me right away and will say “awww, look how cute that baby is mommy!” Same with pictures of puppies or little cute animals- he’ll ooh and aah over cute pictures of stuff too. Before I left on my trip he and Sam carried around their ‘babies’ for a few days and were very careful about taking care of them. We even took them both on a lengthy walk one day, Ryan pulling his in the wagon and Sam pushing his in the grocery cart.


Ryan’s been doing swimming lessons since winter, and has finally been able to swim a few strokes on his own these last few weeks. Both boys were in a tball skills class this spring, and while Ryan has liked it and done fine, he doesn’t seem overly eager to continue at this point. He’s looking forward to some down time this summer I think, to hang out and play at his leisure. He’s a homebody, more of an introvert, likes having a few closer friends and playing one on one.



He’s growing taller, long and lean. He seemed much bigger, older and wiser to me just now when I returned from 5 days away from home. He initiated cleaning up the basement (with Sam), and cleaned the living room to please me for my return. He was completely understanding about the chocolate eggs that I brought back from my trip getting smooshed in my bag. He let me deal with Sam’s 3yo tantrum tonight in peace, without getting involved. He calmly joined us in Sam’s bed for stories, and didn’t even bust in with a suggestion for which story Sam should choose. When it was time for Ryan’s stories, he said to me “mommy, I’ll give you a break because you just had to do all that reading to Sam. I’ll read this Curious story and daddy will read the Zoomer story.” He also went on and on, with true sincerity, about how much he loves me and how much he wanted me to be his mommy (“even when I was in your tummy I loved you!”) and that I’m the BEST BEST BEST mommy in the world! Right before bedtime tonight he squeezed me and said “I love you so much I just don’t know what to DO with you!!” What a wise old soul you are Ry, forever a mystery to me. (I certainly don’t know what to do with you, little buddy!) The sweetness of this boy melts my heart, and the intensity…well, yes, the intensity still remains.

IMG_2119 IMG_2078

Favorite foods at age 6? Hamburgers, spicy (salt & vinegar) chips, tacos, pizza. Will eat carrots, cucumber, bell peppers (except green), and peas (frozen only). The other day asked me why I never buy lima beans anymore???????? (I bought them that very day and immediately cooked them for dinner!) Isn’t so into eating much fruit, except for flavored applesauces and berries. Loves craisins, cheese, wheat thins…and has eaten a peanut butter sandwich for after school snack most days this whole school year. Loves candy, cake, cupcakes, ice cream, and all things sugary.



And still has cute funny sayings, thank goodness. A few from recently…

-I think he’s finally figured these out, but awhile back when his interest in Star Wars was beginning to dawn, he was saying Dark Vader and life savers.

(about a neighbor girl who was playing outside with Ry and some other kids): She is just so SERIOUS mommy. She didn’t want us to be having any fun when we were playing light sabers. She kept telling us to stop b/c they would break.

-What if you were going poop, and you felt it come out, and then you got up to look, but it wasn’t poop, it was a RAINBOW???

-(on the topic of same-sex marriage) Can boys still marry girls? I hope so, because Amelia says she wants to marry me, and I want to.

can’t you get some good colors of nail polish mommy? Like turquoise, or blue?

I wish I was a grown-up right now. Then I could join the worker crew and do some work on Penn Ave.

-I really do not want to be an astronaut when I grow up. That sounds way too scary. I would be way too scared.