Maybe I can catch up on some summer blog posts now that school has started:)

At the beginning of August the boys were playing lemonade stand. They set it up in the living room in front of the fire place, complete with homemade sign, toy cash register, fake money, and plastic lemons. Later I suggested they set up an actual stand in our actual yard in the actual outdoors, and they were like WHOA! So we mixed up some lemonade and hauled everything outside to our corner. This was like a Tuesday afternoon at 2pm, so not a lot of traffic going by.

IMG_2665 IMG_2663

But man did the customers ever roll in! A few people out for walks bought lemonade, and a few random neighbors. The FedEx man was a customer, as was the mailman (although he was gifted a glass because he doesn’t carry cash). Even some complete strangers driving by stopped! The favorite customers though were definitely Grandma and Grandpa.


Grandma Mary came over initially as a customer, and later took over as stand manager when I ran to the grocery store. (During which time Sam pooped his pants and Ryan was left manning the stand by himself.) Grandpa Jerry showed up as a surprise customer.

lem stand2 lem stand

They went through two pitchers of lemonade, and this entrepreneurship took up a good two hours of the afternoon. Not sure how much money they earned, but a lot of folks gave a dollar bill, so there was a nice profit. It was lots of fun to do something like this with these two- they loved every minute of it!