We had two spider men on our hands for trick or treating last night. We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for chili, and then headed home to set out in our neighborhood. Pat and I took turns handing out candy and going out with the boys, but I think in total Ryan and Sam hit about three blocks. And they got SO MUCH candy. Ryan sorted and counted all his, and came up with a total of 145 pieces. There was no school today thanks to a teacher record keeping day, so both darlings were home with me. Arguing with each other and bothering each other and spazzing out about candy every 5 minutes. Well played MPS, well played.

IMG_0592 IMG_0597 IMG_0600

IMG_3024 IMG_3034 IMG_3035

Earlier in the day for his preschool Halloween party, Sam was dressed as a pumpkin.



A third spiderman joined the fun during trick or treating- our friend Adelaide was also dressed in spider-girl garb. The spidey trio received lots of appreciative comments from neighbors about how cute they were.


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