Pretty much the only type I take these days. But a good vessel for random updates.

Sam on the way out the door to preschool one morning- “take a picture of me going to school mommy!”


Sam at Target. I think I was snapping pictures while waiting in line and sending them to Grandma. This is one of many classic Sam funny faces.


This outdoor cardboard painting kept them occupied for at LEAST an hour one afternoon. One hour of occupation for these two = almost unheard of. (Sadly I just had to recycle these murals as they were taking up too much space in the garage.)


Early in October…pulled out the bag of Halloween decor and costumes. Sam donned the pumpkin suit and a killer matted wig. And the result was…this. I believe I posted this on Facebook with the caption “say hello to my daughter.”


Here we have Ryan trying to walk around the block with his cousin (Baby) Max. Max did not take well to being restrained by Ryan for a picture. The walk ended successfully though, and Ryan was really proud to be able to help Grandma babysit. He helped give Max dinner and get him into his PJs. So sweet!



I’m attempting to publish a post for each day of November, just like the old days. My goal is to catch up on some blogging and updates that I’ve been wanting to save here for myself.