I used to record a lot of funny sayings and expressions that came out of the mouths of my kids, and I love going back and reading that stuff. Maybe this month I can get back into it. Ryan, at the ripe ‘ol age of 6.5, doesn’t quite come up with as much cute hilarious stuff like he did when he was younger. Sam is constantly saying things that are funny and charming- I just never remember it if I don’t write it down.

So today, I will record the following.

There is a big mayoral election taking place today in Minneapolis. I opened up the voters guide to a page that had six candidates pictured, and I asked Ryan to read through the names of the candidates. He did well, until he got to the ladies on the ballot. JAKEY Cherryhomes (this is actually her last name- he screwed up her first name which is Jackie) and BESTy HOTdogs (Betsy Hodges, hahaha!) are two memorable candidates for Ryan. We’ve been giggling about Besty Hotdogs all day… and then Ryan goes and calls our 3yo neighbor friend BESTY HOTDOGS and she bursts into tears hahahahaha!

When I picked Sam up from preschool today, his teacher told him to tell me what they ate for snack. Sam said “fruit snacks”, and then when prodded by the teacher to tell me what else they had, he paused for a long while, and then said “humpty dumpty!” Which caused his teacher to have a good laugh. Apparently they’ve been reading/practicing the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty, and as an edible connection to that each kid got a hard boiled egg to crack open, peel, and eat.