The boys in my life surround me with the following: shouting, bashing, crashing, smashing, throwing, screaming, hitting, running, wrestling, destroying, messing. The movements are big, the energy is high, and the noise level is through the roof. There is rarely any calm or quiet happening in this house (until a screen is involved). Unless an activity requires physical contact and large motor skills, they aren’t so interested in maintaining said activity for more than about 5 minutes.

IMG_3064So, when Ryan expressed an interest in AN ART AND CRAFT activity called making your own rubber band bracelets on a RAINBOW LOOM I said sign me up, let’s go buy it! All those dreams, those visions that I had in my mind… Ryan and I, sitting together weaving beautiful bracelets. Creating bracelet upon bracelet. Bonding over something quiet and lovely that doesn’t involve tackling or ninja powers or roaring. Ryan, enjoying alone time, sitting peacefully by himself and meditating about calm and serenity whilst crafting unique jewelry for friends near and far…. …… I pictured it…..

…and within 3 minutes of having the Rainbow Loom in our house I was ready to gore my own eyeballs out with its crafty little ‘easy to use’ hook.

IMG_3066It took me one hour, a whole hour of my life, to figure out via the instructions, youtube, trial and error and many deep yogic breaths how to make one bracelet. Meanwhile, Ryan and Sam were both breathing down my neck to have a turn and sit on my lap and help and watch and rubber bands were flying everywhere and what the eff?? First graders are whipping these things up like it’s nothing, and I’m swearing and annoyed and can’t even finish one bracelet? I am failing at this fun and whimsical art and craft???

In the end, that first bracelet did get made. And so did three more. And Ryan is a BOY who is SIX and does not exactly have the fine motor skill mastery level required of a Rainbow Loom. He is very sad and frustrated and disappointed about that. (Wanna know what a Rainbow Loom sent flying across the room looks like? Not pretty.)

So for now, Ryan will set up a few of the initial rubber bands to get the bracelet started, I will (imperfectly) finish the rest while he is far off in another room distracted by a screen, and he will give away handily crafted bracelets to his friends and pretend that he made them.

IMG_3065And I will sell the Rainbow Loom to the highest bidder on ebay on Christmas Eve when there’s nary a Rainbow Loom to be found in all the land…