Sam is a lively charmer of a three and a half year old. He is mainly smiley, smiley, smiley…and giggly and goofy. He has a sense of humor and says funny stuff a lot. On the flip side, he does partake in the infamous 3 year old tantrums, fits, and refusals. His fave type of fit is the Freeze&Refuse…refusing to do anything and refusing to move. This has resulted in him sitting down in the middle of a crowded hallway at school, sidewalks, floors at stores, middle of the street, etc.


Sam goes to preschool 3 days/week. He seems to like it a lot, although inevitably every Tuesday he does NOT want to go. He’s a charmer with his teacher, going out of his way to talk to her and saying goodbye so exuberantly every day. He brings home lots of little projects from school, talks about his new friends, and tells me what he got for snack each and every day.


As for playing, he likes imaginative stuff, which works out well because he and Ryan make great imaginative playmates. (For the most part. There is also plenty of egging on/fighting.) Just today they spent most of this whole Saturday in the basement creating a house, a bakery with doughnut sacks, a motorcycle delivery service, and a train. Sam also likes to make believe cooking and serving food and drinks.


He loves it if you need him for something important, like bringing you a kleenex or carrying some wood up to the fireplace. He also loves unpacking the groceries and operating the bottle of cleaning spray. He hates having lotion put on his body, but loves putting lotion on my arms and legs in the morning. He likes foot massages, but prefers them from daddy because mommy’s are too tickly.


Sam is into stuffed animals (playing with, snuggling with), and his current favorites are Sammy the Seal, spider, hoot owly, and his two ‘cutie pies’ (bunnies.) One cutie pie is named Sam and the other is named Bunny. He also just acquired a new stuffed cheetah after a trip to Ikea with Grandpa. Cheetah is also named Sam.


He likes watching sports (and commercials) with Daddy. Is interested in sports to some degree- he’ll ask to play baseball, basketball, frisbee toss, ball catch. He got to experience his first plane ride over MEA weekend in October when we went to Chicago. He did a great job and loved it lots. He still has a scar on his left eye where he got stitches back in September after a little post-bath incident in the bathroom.


He’s obsessive about sugar- candy, treats, “treaty stuff”. But at the same time, he’s great about eating raw veggies, whole apples, and a ton of other fruit. One day at Target he begged and begged for a bag of dried peaches, so I got them and when we tried them at home he determined that they ‘small like barf.’


Sam seems to have had a cold/runny nose/cough for at least the past month. Will shout from bed I NEED A KLEENEX! He likes to command people around about bringing him kleenexes, and often will pull about 10 out of the box to store around the house, or will just carry the box with him.

He despises wearing layers of clothing. He will not wear a t-shirt under a sweatshirt. He hates wearing his winter jacket in and out of the car and car seat. Often will get all his stuff on (boots, hat, mittens, jacket), and then 12 seconds later when we get in the car will take it all off before getting buckled in. Hates collars touching his chin or neck. Loves ‘fuzzy’ pants; historically does not like jeans. ALTHOUGH, he’s been better at wearing jeans since our trip to Chicago where he wore them a few days in a row because it was a ‘special occasion.’


Loves loves loves doggies, and any animal really. Says he wishes we had a cat. Loves Grandma and Grandpa’s dog Torii. Loves having special time with Grandpa Jer who’s retired this year and can hang out with Sam if we need a daytime babysitter. Sam says “we’ll watch a show at grandpa’s and then grandpa will give me some treats and snacks!!”

Sam’s been very much wanting to sit on mommy’s lap a lot lately, praising me effusively for how nice I am, how cute I am, that I’m ‘cute as a bug’s ear’, and how much he loves me. However, he can turn on a dime and utilize lots of bad big-kid words picked up from Ryan. He learns the words from Ry, and then who’s the one to constantly say them (even though he doesn’t exactly know what he’s saying?) Sam, the three year old.


Shows he’s been into lately include Handy Manny, Peep and the Big Wide World, Phineous and Ferb, Wild Kratts and anything horrid that Ryan wants to watch. He so wants to be as big of a boy as Ryan, but I just want to keep him the sweet, innocent three year old that he is.

My sweets.