Last week will not go down in history as one of my better weeks. I admit my wrongs here (for future amusement), and in the spirit of Thanksgiving have many things to be thankful for…things that stand out above and beyond the inconveniences of my bad luck.

-I am thankful that the wooden spatula that fell under the pot I was cooking with and got scorched in the flame DIDN’T start on fire.

-I am thankful that my closed-flue fireplace fire only burned for about 10 minutes (could have been much longer)… and thankful that the stank and mess I’m still cleaning up was due to a silly mistake in a contained fireplace, rather than a house fire.

-I am thankful for Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.

-I am thankful for the plentiful food we have to eat, even though on the night of the aforementioned happenings the dish I was preparing was over-cooked, under-seasoned and mushy.

-I am thankful for evening extra-curricular activities, literacy that takes me to Barnes and Noble, and a functioning vehicle in which I locked my car keys last Wednesday night.

-I am thankful for a husband who is kind enough to leave his pre-Timberwolves game restaurant meal to come and rescue me from the Barnes and Noble keys-locked-in-car debacle of 2013.

-I am thankful that no evil-doers entered our house that I unintentionally left unlocked during the time we were dealing with the aforementioned two bullet points.

-In addition, I feel much thankfulness for… retired grandpas, ghiradelli 60% cocoa dark chocolate chips, vino tinto, first grade teachers, coconut milk lattes, Amazon prime delivery, wool socks, a happy family, silly boys, nice friends, HEALTH, and an upcoming massage.

Happy almost Thanksgiving to you and yours!