We hosted a very small (two guests) Christmas Eve dinner gathering at our house. Most of the day was spent around home, cleaning up and cooking and doing a few errands. The boys were very cute- since we were preparing for a fancy dinner in the evening, they decided to get dressed in their ‘fancy’ clothes at 8:30am. (Fancy being jeans, and any type of shirt that doesn’t have a character on the front). Ryan spent much of the day carrying around Hermie the Elf. He was very sad that it was Hermie’s last day with us, so he talked to him a lot and took him all through the house, and snuggled him up in a blanket. Just when I think that Ryan is so grown up, he goes and does something completely sweet and innocent such as this. It was heartwarming. (Hermie had given us permission to touch him softly this year…too much anxiety last year when the MAGIC would disappear if a person so much as brushed a finger against him).

IMG_0900 IMG_0901 IMG_0906

Another cute thing that happened… Ryan and I were getting a present all ready for his cousin Brynn. Part of the present was fun/colorful socks. Sam saw this pair of navy and pink striped socks with silver sparkly toes and just LOVED them. He wanted to try them on and then asked if he could keep them and how could I say no to that?


(he insisted I take a picture of each foot)


The evening consisted of hanging out with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jerry, opening a couple gifts, dining on Pat’s famous prime rib Christmas meal, and scarfing a lot of cookies. The boys (Ryan especially) were really serious about getting things just so on the cookie plate for Santa. He chose one of each kind of cookie, and made sure the reindeer had carrots.

sam ironman SamRyeve Sanne

IMG_0928 IMG_0931

Getting the carrots and milk out of the fridge…


(these are some sad-looking carrots. Must have come from an uneaten kid lunch.)


Note reads: Dear Santa, Hrmye is the best elf in the world. love, Ryan. With an adorable drawing of Hermie on the back.