How they left things the night before…


How things looked the next morning. Ryan had gotten up before everyone else and scoped out the whole living room scene. This was the first thing he went to- the letter from Santa. Santa ate and drank everything (except for a few crumbs), and dropped candy canes on the floor which were all smashed up.


The boys went for their stockings first.


Then the Santa gifts. This was a green ninja suit that Santa had hung on the porch knob.


Ryan got a Darth Vader light saber.


Darth vs. green ninja. (Ninja was upset he didn’t receive a sword with his costume.)


Ryan gave Daddy a new sled that accommodates grown-ups (which has since broken in the sub zero temps).


And I had to get a picture of Sam giving Daddy a snowflake ornament. Before we went out shopping for Pat, Sam decided he wanted to give him a snowflake, and picked out this beautiful tree ornament.


Pat in a new hat. Sam wearing FANCY DRESS CLOTHES in honor of Christmas Day:)


Apparently I didn’t make it into any shots on Christmas morn this year. But trust me, I was there. We had egg bake and coffee and cookies, and did some really fun family sledding in the late morning. The weather for sledding was perfect!