Historically, I blog about Valentine’s Day! Better keep that tradition alive by documenting the excitement that was Valentine’s Day 2014.

Ryan had school but his class was officially not having a celebration to make up for all the weather-related school closures they’ve had this winter. He wore a reddish orangish Star Wars t-shirt as his celebratory attire, and toted along 25 Lego Star Wars (for the boys) and Disney Fairy (for the girls) valentines to exchange with his classmates. He remembered that last year he gave out two different types of Valentines to please both the boys and girls, and insisted he do that again.

Sam and I lazed around the first few hours of the morning, me wishing I could go back to bed and he wanting me to play with him. We compromised with me lying in his bed while he played with his construction tools on top of me. The night before I had read about a kid exploration-in-a-castle event at the American Swedish Institute, so I decided to take us to that. We enjoyed a coffee/cookie snack in the cafe, and then spent an hour listening to stories and songs, and going on a heart scavenger hunt through the mansion at the museum. It actually ended up being really fun- I was pleasantly surprised.


20140216-211201.jpg  20140216-211229.jpg


We came home and ate lunch and then worked on a few last minute valentines (I made some awesome homemade ones for my three guys!:). Sam made one for daddy, put it in a Ziploc bag, and threw it out the front door so “daddy will see this right when he gets home.” When Ryan arrived off the bus he emptied his stash onto the living room floor and the boys dug into the candy. We went and played outside for awhile, the boys did some sledding on the snow piles around our sidewalks. (I’ll have to come back later to add some of the outdoor pictures I took with the new camera I got for my birthday!)

For dinner we set up a fancy scene with red place mats and candlesticks. We had steak and brussel sprouts and sauteed mushrooms (boys didn’t eat either side dish, who are we kidding here), and for dessert had Readi-Whip that daddy squirted into mouths, and then strawberries with aforementioned whip (or coconut cream, depending.) [Pat and I were on day 3 of a Whole30 dietary re-set, hence the non chocolate dessert. I’m not gonna lie, it was hard being around all that V-day candy. And the Girl Scout cookies! I don’t even like those things, but when you can’t have something, you want it even more.]

After the boys went to bed we spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching ice dancing in Sochi. The excitement, I tell you! Oh yeah, and Pat got me a new bike helmet for v-day. I gave him this: