And three months later, I’ll post about it!

So this was our first official family vacation (other than the Chicago experience from the fall).  We traveled over the MLK weekend break in January- 6 nights in all. And Grandma Karen and Grandpa Bob were with us, which was a genius arrangement!

We stayed at the Barcelo Maya, a resort that’s over an hour drive south of the Cancun airport. The weather was mainly nice and sunny, but highs were only in the low 70s, and we did have some days of clouds/rain. The temps were lovely compared to MN, but definitely not as hot as we’re used to when vacationing in Mexico. All the photos were taken with my iphone or the PowerShot that has become the boys’ camera. They loved taking pictures and videos…


Ryan actually has a lot of memories from our trip to Mexico in 2010 a couple months before Sam was born. Highlight of his memories? Red drinks.


So we had to have a LOT of red drinks.

IMG_3250 IMG_3251

the swim up bar. It was not quite hot out, and the pools were frigid…but they wanted to have a drink in the pool anyway.

IMG_4067 IMG_4068

My favorite of course…the ocean and beach.

IMG_3316 IMG_3320 IMG_3322 IMG_4037

Ryan tried snorkeling for the first time, and loved it! He also just suddenly took off swimming as if he’d been doing it forever. Previously he’d just flail around and would claim to not know how to swim. Apparently all it took was a little Caribbean Sea for him to get his swim on.

IMG_4038 IMG_4039 IMG_4040

We did almost all of our swimming in the ocean because the pools were just too cold. The boys did have a blast in the kiddie area/water slides though. And they would come out of there completely blue and shivering.


playing giant chess with grandma early in the morning was a big hit!


We got ‘dressed up’ and had dinner in one of the reservation restaurants just once. This was on the way to the Japanese resto. The boys loved watching the knife-wielding chefs at work, and Ryan was extremely worried that the fire-blowing, smoking onion volcano was going to start the whole place on fire.

IMG_3254 IMG_3257 IMG_3270 IMG_3288

These yucky iguanas were lurking around the deck the whole time we were eating lunch.

IMG_3293 IMG_3294

Tried mini golf for the first time- boys loved it!


Another thing that happened on the daily was a stop at the resort’s stage. Each morning after breakfast Ryan and Sam would put on a two-man show for an audience of…us. It was hilarious, and I have some video I should get up here. (also, in the below picture? Sam has to poop.)

IMG_4024 IMG_4023

pre-dinner cocktails


Ryan’s usual burger lunch.

IMG_3300 IMG_3278 IMG_3273

We had a wonderful, wonderful time with a minimal amount of child freak-outs. The earliest we could ever eat dinner was 6:30pm when the buffets opened, so most nights we had to deal with really tired boys who could barely get through dinner without falling asleep. It was so nice to have my mom and dad along for company and extra help (like when we were trying to get out the door for the day and the kids could run down the hall to grandma’s room and bug them while Pat and I finished getting ready.) A few other take-aways… Ryan talks in his sleep and grinds his teeth. And Sam snores.

And Mexico is awesome in January, but next time we should plan on January AND March.