Uh, this post was started in May. Took place in March/April. And I’m publishing it in June.

For spring break of this year we remained in-state. Which was a big mistake thanks to a never-ending winter. Our week started with Ryan doing some independent bike riding. I waited on a corner and he went ahead and took a loop by himself and came back to me. Screaming and crying and with a road rash chin. Pat had to come pick us up in his ambulance. The next night we went out to dinner after a very casual day to a very casual restaurant, and both the boys decided to dress up in jeans and button downs. Which is always noteworthy.

IMG_0419 IMG_0424 IMG_0428 Samshirt

see here? snow/ice banks almost melted

IMG_3659 IMG_3657

Our travels took us to Duluth.

April 2:


April 3: Crazy town



April 4:

IMG_3668 IMG_3670

We were stranded awhile but eventually made it home. We had a big 4 year old’s birthday party to plan, so at least the week went out on a high note.