As with everything, I’m late on the Ryan b-day posts. He turned three on April 25th (I still think we’re in the month of April here people- I’m stuck in some sort of new-mommy time warp).

Anyway, it’s a good thing I waited to record a ‘Ryan at three’ post, because in previous weeks I would have written nothing but a description of what a monster he’s been since he’s turned three. And I don’t think the monster traits are due to the fact that he’s THREE, they’re due to the fact that he’s recently acquired a new brother. And so that’s kind of clouding everything right now. But things are looking up! And so, without further ado…

Ryan at three years old:

  • Is a TALK-ER! He is literally NEVER quiet. He’s even started talking/shouting in his sleep!! He talks to me (or his stuffed animals, or whoever’s around) all day long, and has really gotten into the “why” questions. Here’s a sample of some of the questions I get asked over the course of any given day: Why is mustard yellow? Why is yellow mustard yellow and spicy mustard brown? Why are you a girl? Why is a hotdog meat? Why do you sit down to pee? Why does Sam cry all the time? Why does Sam cry when you change his diaper? Why does Sam have big eyes? Why does Max live in Duluth? Why does Grandma Karen live north? Why is Max three? Why did I get a piano for my birthday? Why are you tickling my hair? Why do babies have to ride backwards in car seats? Why do you have a big steering wheel?
  • Is very into music. He got a keyboard and a guitar for his birthday. He sits on the couch and strums the guitar like an old pro. He still insists that “music class music” or Raffi or “dada’s music” be played in the car, but his obsession with the “dada’s music” is waning a bit.
  • Is Ob.sess.ed with treats. And by obsessed I mean this is way beyond liking a snack now and then, way beyond a sweet tooth. Ryan likes to pretend to bake cakes and set up birthday cakes with candles and decorations all the time. He’s also obsessed with ice cream and doughnuts. He asks most days are you ready to go to the bakery and get a doughnut yet? and has set up our laundry room as a fake ice cream parlor. If we actually GO to an ice cream shop or bakery, he is in complete bliss.
  • Is not so much into being a good eater anymore (unless of course it’s a treat). He pretty much avoids all fruits and vegetables, and long gone are the days when he’d eat a healthy portion of whatever food it was that was served for the meal. He loves bread, cheese, chips.
  • Oh yeah, he’s also obsessed with “special drinks.” Which to him consist of lemonade or cranberry juice. Or SPECIAL RED DRINKS FROM MEXICO!
  • He’s become an expert at asking sneaky little questions to hint at things that he wants without directly coming out and saying them. For example, he’ll ask about 10 times What can I have to DRINK today? (meaning he wants to be told he can have something ‘yummy’ like cranberry juice or lemonade.” What can I have AFTER I’m done eating? What can I have if I go poop in the toilet? I like to play dumb to these questions and respond with I sure don’t know Ryan, or Hm…after you poop in the potty you can have the satisfaction of POOPING IN THE POTTY.
  • Is sort of potty trained, speaking of. Does the potty dance when he has to go, but if you bring it up he INSISTS that he doesn’t have to go. Pretty much needs to be told when to go. [Although today when I was in the shower he took it upon himself to do both #1 and #2 on his OWN without telling me!! This is bigtime!] Since the birth of Sam, Ryan’s had a lot of regression in the potty department, having tantrums about using the bathroom and having lots of accidents.
  • Is into lots of imaginary play. In his room, he plays “airplane” and “car” on his bed. The porch is another one of his airplanes, and the pilot of the plane is named LeafBob Sink. He likes to have a group of people play his instruments and march around playing “band.” And in the basement where all of his ride-on toys reside, he pretends to drive to the grocery store to buy food, drives to the ice cream shop for cones, and builds forts and caves. His favorite destinations for his imaginary travel are to Duluth to visit Grandma Karen, to Mexico to go to the beach, and to Sophia’s house.
  • Knows how to sing a lot of songs, recite many nursery rhymes, and has quite a few books memorized. Likes to “read” books to mom. Counts to 20 but gets messed up with 14-15-16-17.
  • Likes new brother Sam, but doesn’t like the attention and time that Sam receives from mom. Ryan will talk to Sam in a baby voice, say good morning to him and ask him how he’s doing. He LOVES reinserting Sam’s pacifier. And if Sam is screaming Ryan will say SSHHHHUSH! in a very angry tone of voice. He’s very enthusiastic (ahem, rough) with his patting that he gives Sam. He also likes to get right in Sam’s face to talk to him.
  • If I were asked to describe Ryan at the age of three in five words, I would say he’s EXUBERANT. STRONG-WILLED. DEMANDING ENERGETIC. LOUD. BUSY. He keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure. And he sure is cute.

stomp rocket action

gardening with dad