Quick!! Before I forget…must write down for my own sake the different activities and camps that the boys did this past summer. Looking back on the summer, it seems I signed them up for a great number of things, but in reality it felt like the perfect balance of scheduled/structured, and unscheduled/spur of moment/hang around time. Also, when a kid’s “camp” runs three mornings a week for three hours, there’s still a lot of open time to be had.

Ryan (age 7)

-Played baseball 2x/week in May and June


-Washburn soccer camp (very well-run, had a ton of fun, LOTS of exercise. 2hrs/morning for 4 days, but will def do again)
-Kiddywampus “build a fort” art camp with friend Luke (great camps here, he liked it a lot, spent 3 mornings working on gigantic fort)


-Kiddywampus “construction art camp” (3 mornings, took this with Sam. Both boys had a lot of fun, built marble runs, vehicles, robot.)
-Lego camp @Lynnhurst, Mpls Parks & Rec with friend Ryan H. (4 mornings, Lego play and activities, included outside time.)
-Kiddywampus “Star Wars art camp” (3 mornings, took this with Sam. Star Wars themed activities and art creations. They loved it).
-The Works Engineers’ Camp (4 mornings, took with friends Luke and Liam). Lot’s of fun science activities, brought stuff home, explored museum, some outside time.


Nothing scheduled for either kid. Got dentist appts in, spent five days in Duluth, had annual Guthrie/Mill City outing, went to some pools and parks. School started 8/25!

Sam (age 4)


-Little Learners summer preschool @ Pearl (1 week, 3 mornings). Coincided with Ryan’s soccer camp week.


-Kiddywampus “construction art camp” (with Ryan, see above)
-Kiddywampus “Star Wars art camp) (with Ryan, see above)
-Little Learners summer preschool @ Pearl (2 weeks, 3 mornings, coincided with the weeks Ryan did Lego camp and The Works camp)


Nothing scheduled, see above. Sam didn’t start preschool till 9/9.


My thoughts… it was nice having a week off between when school was out and when any camp began. July was a long month (5 weeks worth of stuff)- didn’t plan anything for week of 4th of July. Four weeks in a row of different camps and driving kids to different places two of the four weeks got to be a lot of driving, but they really enjoyed each camp they did, so I’d do it similarly in the future. Every afternoon and many Thurs/Fri were open. In August, three full weeks of nothing planned out felt a bit daunting, but it ended up being ok. Boys had a little too much “togetherness” time and were in each others’ hair for most of the month, but I think scheduling more camps would have been overkill. All in all, it was a great summer filled with lots of playtime outdoors with the neighbors, 3-4 trips to Duluth, park visits, pool visits, bike rides, water balloons, hose attacks, etc etc.

(I have no photos of anyone’s “structured” summer activities. This is the closest I got…a pic of the two Ryans riding home from lego camp.)