I figure this to be the fifth annual visit of ours to the Mill City/Guthrie/Gold Medal Park area with Jen, Sophia and Emily. This year we packed picnic lunches and ate at the base of Gold Medal hill. The kids ran up the hill and rolled/somersaulted down. We spent a great deal of time at the ‘elf doors’, and for the first time this year entered the Mill City Museum courtyard and explored the ruins a bit. We never did make it onto the bridge this year, but did a lot of hide and seeking outside the Guthrie before we headed out.

gold medal hill Ryelfdoor RySoph elfdoors

(Sam was VERY upset that we didn’t see any elves. He was MAD that elves weren’t out running around by their doors.)


(Jen took this next one.)


ruins1 supermom SAMUEL Ryan SamBW Sam mill city

These kids of ours have grown in leaps and bounds over the past five years, no? Just look… 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 oops never blogged anything about last year.

soph&ry IMG_0117 IMG_8607 IMG_8619 IMG_0298 IMG_0256 IMG_0308 IMG_0518 IMG_0498

Am I the only one noticing that Jen’s girls are always perfectly matched and decked out adorably, while my sons are sporting Crocs, hideous Thomas screen print tees, and navy shirts with brown shorts? Last year I was still able to dress Sam, this year, not so much. I’ve given up trying to have them look snappy for this outing.

This one remains to be one of summer’s highlights for us! Here’s to five more, ladies and gents!